What Happened to Skywriters?


My brother recently pointed out to me the lack of skywriting these days.  It always seemed like a bold way to get around a restraining order to me, but I’m sure it served some legitimate purposes in its heyday.   I imagine the focus on chem trails from conspiracy nuts hasn’t helped.  Plus, Assad is hogging all the Sarin gas, so supplies can’t be easy to come by.


imgross will be diligently looking into a cost-effective manner to advertise through the dying medium.

5 Things I Wish Mark Zuckerberg Said While Testifying Before Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should have used a few one liners to break the ice before these Senators raked him over the coals.  A few suggestions from imgross:

  1. I’ve seen your internet search history, Senator.
  2. I just wanted to create a way to rank girls at Harvard.
  3. Do you like this tie?  My wife bought me this tie.  I don’t usually wear ties.
  4. Mr. Zuckerberg is my father.  Please, call me Mark.
  5. Is it OK if I smoke?

This Day in History: Death of President William Henry Harrison

William Henry Harrison

On this day in 1841, President WIlliam Henry Harrsion died after just one month in office.  His doctor at the time believed he died of pneumonia.  The prevailing rumor for most of history since was that he became sick after refusing to wear a jacket on his cold, rainy inauguration day on March 4, 1841.  This has since been rejected by historians, as he is not documented to have shown symptoms until March 26.  I can’t believe the remedies of the day like Castor Oil, Virginia Snakeweed and leeches weren’t able to cure him.

In 2014, after examining the notes of his personal doctor, a new theory has been widely accepted:  Harrison died because the White House water supply was downstream from the public sewage system and he succumbed to septic shock.  In other words, he drank the shit in the water in Washington D.C.  Now that’s gross.