He’s Also a Racecar Driver

The lawyer suing President Trump on behalf of Pornstar Stormy Daniels is also a Racecar Driver.

That’s not a joke. Michael Avenatti, is an attorney to the stars….and a Racecar Driver.

The concept is so funny to me that all I can think about right now is him pulling up next to Stormy Daniels on the street and saying, “Hop in, baby. It’s time to sue the President.” Throws on sunglasses. Tires squeal.

Thursday is for Lovers: Chuck Finley and Tawny Kitaen

The 5 year marriage between Chuck and Tawny that lasted from 1997-2002, ended abruptly when she beat the shit out of him with a stiletto heel.  Later during the divorce, she accused him of taking steroids and bragging about beating MLB’s drug testing (Who didn’t, right?) and also accused him of abusing drugs and alcohol.  Chuck, however, took the high road and responded by saying, “I can’t believe she left out the crossdressing.”