5 Things I Wish Mark Zuckerberg Said While Testifying Before Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg should have used a few one liners to break the ice before these Senators raked him over the coals.  A few suggestions from imgross:

  1. I’ve seen your internet search history, Senator.
  2. I just wanted to create a way to rank girls at Harvard.
  3. Do you like this tie?  My wife bought me this tie.  I don’t usually wear ties.
  4. Mr. Zuckerberg is my father.  Please, call me Mark.
  5. Is it OK if I smoke?

Marshall-ing a New Era

I got a little sad when I saw this Chris Sale t-shirt jersey priced to sell for $9.99 at Marshall’s the other day.  It was a harsh reminder that the electric left-hander was gone forever.

However, I briefly clung to a glimmer of hope when I remembered that Rob Dibble had worn #49 in his brief tenure on the South Side.

Further investigation revealed that it was indeed a Chris Sale jersey.  The sadness crept back in.  I’d have paid double the asking price for Dibble.