My Turin Horse

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is famous a number of things, but one thing about him has always stuck with me.  Towards the end of his life he had a complete mental breakdown that required him to be cared for around the clock by family members until his death at age 56.  The breakdown is rumored to have been initiated when he witnessed a horse being flogged in the town square of Turin, Italy.  Nietzsche was so overcome with emotion that he began to cry and threw his arms around the horse’s neck and never said anything that made sense ever again.  The incident is recounted in the  2011 Hungarian Film ‘The Turin Horse’.  I’ve never seen the movie, but is sounds smart to reference it and be aware of its existence.


Some days, I can really understand where Nietzsche was coming from.  I recently had to pull the car over when Sarah McLachlan’s “Building a Mystery” came on the radio.  I think it was the part in the second or third verse about waking up screaming that got me.


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