The Struggle with Laundry

For some people, seeing things through to the end can be difficult.  The process start to finish for doing laundry is sometimes where this attribute becomes most evident.  The process includes multiple steps:

1. Sorting

We’re gross, so we don’t give a shit about putting our dirty undies in with the good linens, but we heard some people do it.

2. Wash cycle

Throw it in.  Detergent needed.  Fabric softener optional.  Settings are dealer’s choice.

3. The change over to the dryer

A real key to the entire operation.  Don’t let it sit in the washing machine too long after it’s done because if you do, your entire laundry room will smell like a dirty hobo on a rainy day.

4. Fold and categorize

I’m terrible at folding.  I wish I had worked at Hollister in high school like my brother.

5.  Put it away

Putting the clothes back in the drawer is really the part where I struggle.  I know I could put these poorly folded items back in their proper place, but it is just so much easier to dig through the pile as items become necessary.

Let’s be honest, the crap you should give to The Salvation Army is in the drawers for a reason. Look, my Ultimate Warrior shirt is right on top of the pile!  I don’t care that I wore it yesterday.  I know it’s clean.



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