A Text Conversation with Jimbo


Brohan: hows michigan? aghh! 11:13AM

Jimbo: It’s good

Brohan: are you smokin hookahs? weed? Your dick?

Jimbo: Lots of weed

Brohan: fishy…..

Jimbo: There’s nothing fishin

Jimbo: I meant nothing fishy about that

Brohan: are you high right now?

Jimbo: Yeah I am

Jimbo: Had my first wake and bake then smoked right out the shower

Brohan: who do you think you are? Jim Morrison?

Jimbo: Yeah maybe I am. You should’ve seen me Friday and Saturday. I had more than 20 one hitters both days

Brohan: so youre better than me? agh!

Jimbo: This weekend I am the rest of the year you are

Brohan: ass and titties jimbo agh!

Jimbo: T&A T&A. Agh agh agh agh whooooooooooo 12:20PM

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